Fox Forx Suspension Oil Fluid 20wt. Gold 946ml / 32oz

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Fox Gold 20wt Fork Oil is found in all 2015 Factoy level Fox forks.

Engineered with "Kashima-phillic" tackifiers to increase the bonding of oil to stanchion, mineral oil and molybdenum additives make the ultra-slippery Gold formula oil an important component to the Fox recipe for plushness. 

Use 20wt. Gold Bath Oil with FIT and O/C damper cartridges but should NEVER be used in open bath fork dampers. FOX 20wt. Gold is compatible with all 34mm, 36mm, and 40mm FOX Low-Friction wipers (manufactured by SKF). FOX 20wt. Gold is only compatible with the latest version of the 32mm FOX Low-Friction wipers (803-00-878). The label indicates specifically that these wipers are compatible with 20wt. Gold.

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