Hump Vi-Viz Ankle/Wrist Bands - Plain (pair)

Hump Vi-Viz Ankle/Wrist Bands - Plain (pair)

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Sold as pictured a pair of bands.

Ankle and wrist bands are one of the best ways to improve your visibility on the road, as the constant movement attracts attention and gets you noticed

Highly recommended as a safety aid, even if you don't need them to prevent your trousers from flapping around

Neoprene band is soft, wide, and stretchy, making them comfortable to wear whatever your size

A coating of highly reflective material on one side ensures the best possible visibility in the dark

The bands can be reversed to allow the Hi-Viz yellow on the other side to show for extra daytime visibility

Velcro closures make the bands quick to fit and remove

Can also be used as arm bands, helping to make your intentions clear when signalling

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