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TRAX FLEX is an elastic strap designed for towing a bicycle with another bicycle

The product is a bungee cord with two loops (one at each end), one to be attached to the saddle of the towing bike and the other to the stem or handlebars of the towed bike, so that it can be adapted to any model of bike.

TRAX FLEX is made of high-tech fibres that make it very light and very compact. So much so that it can be stored in any jersey or trouser pocket without hardly noticing it. It weighs only 50g.

TRAX FLEX is approximately 1 metre long when stationary and stretches up to 2.5 metres when under tension. This completely prevents it from becoming entangled in the wheels or other moving parts of the bike while in use.

Technical features

  • Device weight: 50g
  • Cable length: 1m to 2,5m
  • Maximum weight to tow: 200kg – 450lb
  • Suitable for ebikes: Yes
  • Suitable for any bike
  • Measures: Fits in a very small pocket
  • Maximum speed recommended: 10km/h – 6mph

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