Topeak Headlux Helmet Mounted Light

Topeak Headlux Helmet Mounted Light

Product no.: TMS034


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Great safety light which mounts to any helmet with two front white LEDs and 2 rear red LEDs for all-round visibility.

  • 3 modes :

White constant /Red blinking White blinking /Red blinking White constant /Red constant


  • Wide angle (220°) reflective lens
  • Bulb: 2x white L.E.D.s and 2x red L.E.D.s
  • Battery: Lithium 'CR2032' x2pcs
  • Luminious Intensity: 1 (Lux/5M)/0.6 Lux/10M)
  • Burn Time: 70hrs/100hrs
  • 6.5x3.5x3cm
  • 18g
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