Bike To Work


The Cycle to Work Scheme is a government-backed initiative which allows you to save between 25% and 42% off the price of a new bike; this is achieved through tax and National Insurance savings. It's open to all UK residents and applies for customers who wish to purchase a bike.

Instore Only

All our bike's are processed on the scheme at Retail Price not the Sale / Discount price. if you see a discounted bike on our site we cannot offer these prices through the cycle to work scheme.

So all Bikes and Accessories / Clothing / Helmets sold on the scheme are sold a the full SRP retail price not the sale price..... 

Instore only

Which Cycle Schemes do we accept? 

  • Direct payment from employers - 
  • NHS SME HCI schemes
  • Cycle Plus
  • Bike 2 Work Scheme.


We don't accept Halfords or Evans Cycles vouchers.