SUPERNOVA M99 Mini Pro 25 E-Bike light U-M99MIPC-K-MBLK

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SUPERNOVA M99 Mini Pro 25 E-Bike light U-M99MIPC-K-MBLK



The M99 MINI PRO-25 is the world’s first headlight with an officially approved high beam for 25 km/h e-bikes.

Since the revolutionary change in the law, a real high beam is now not only permitted on cars, but also on bicycles and e-bikes up to 25 km/h!

High-beam lighting is essential during off-road biking and it greatly improves the illumination of tight bends. This hugely increases safety for riders, since the whole area around the trail is illuminated.

After the hard evening ride, the integrated low beam light can be used on the relaxed ride home – without dazzling oncoming traffic. 

With its powerful headlamp, Supernova provides the impetus for a brand new trend: Officially approved lighting on the E-MTB!


Technical data: 

  • High beam: 1,150 lm, 260 lx, power consumption: 10-16 W (5 V: 10 W, 6 V: 8 W, 12 V: 16 W)*
  • Low beam: 450 lm, 150 lx, power consumption: 5.2 W (all V: 5,2 W)
  • Cable length: 110 mm up to the connector
  • Cable length to high beam switch: 110 mm up to the connector
  • Incl. magnetic high beam switch (cable length: 212 mm, with micro gold plug), holder for decentralized handlebar clamp, ø 22.0 mm and POWER CONNECTION CABLE - BOSCH (cable length: 1,300 mm, with Bosch connector)
  • Mounting options: Stem (31.8 mm), M99 Bosch HBM, Handlebar: Universal HBM (31.8 mm / 35 mm)
  • Operation voltage: 5 V - 13.5 V DC
  • Color: matte black, anodized aluminium
  • L x W x H: 38 x 78 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Optic: M99 Matrix reflector
  • Functions: high beam, low beam
  • Road approval: K-number
  • 3-year warranty
  • Supernova Item number: U-M99MIPC-K-MBLK


Please order the fitting mounting bracket and adapter cable!


*Automatic power adaption to the port power. This means that the light will have more power on a 12 V port than on a 6 V port.

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